Meet some of the people our research group collaborates with on a variety of intersectional research topics in Environmental Analytical Chemistry.

Chris B. Caputo - @caputolabyork

We are working with the Caputo Group in Chemistry at York University to design new molecules for selective detection of reactive environmental gases as well as sensitive analytical quantitation. We investigate their kinetics, mechanisms, and stability through controlled lab experiments in our experimental chambers so that environmental quantities can be accurately determined.

Amila O. De Silva - @amilaods

We collaborate with Dr. De Silva from the Water Science and Technology Directorate of Environment and Climate Change Canada in the collection and analysis of remote precipitation samples containing persistent pollutants that are deposited to these ecosystems from the atmosphere. We also collaborate on the interrogation of ionic compounds associated with persistent pollutant deposition in Arctic ice core samples.

Tara F. Kahan - @tfkahan

We are exploring the chemistry of the indoor environment with the Kahan Group in Chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan. We have created new analytical tools to capture the dynamic nature of oxidants in the indoor environment and deconvolute these observations through controlled chamber experiments to isolate the chemical interplay.

Michael J. Katz - @MaJiKatz

Our collaboration with the Katz Group in Chemistry at Memorial University explores the development of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for selectively collecting reactive atmospheric pollutants. We characterize these materials for their chemical and physical properties and potential performance with a variety of analytical and environmental instrumentation.

Jeffrey A. Siegel - @IAQinGWN

We are working with the Siegel Group in Civil & Mineral Engineering at University of Toronto to understand emissions and composition of reactive nitrogen indoors by quantifying air exchange rates alongside real-time measurements.

Jochen Stutz

We are testing our understanding of nitrous acid chemistry at the atmosphere-surface interface using vertically-resolved field data within a one-dimensional atmospheric chemical box model developed in collaboration with the Stutz Group in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at UCLA.

Cora J. Young - @SVOCora

The Young Group operates the Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory in Chemistry at York University and collaborates with us on our development and testing of novel environmental analytical instruments. We are currently working on an improved off-grid precipitation sampler for field sampling of atmospherically-deposited pollutants.

Susan E. Ziegler - @ziegler_sue

Our collaboration with Dr. Ziegler and the Biogeochemistry of Boreal Ecosystems Research Group in Earth Sciences at Memorial University is working to constrain the impacts of atmospheric deposition on the biogeochemistry of remote ecosystems from a large suite of atmospheric and supporting samples collected over several years.