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Below are projects in the VandenBoer Research Group that are currently available for students interested in pursuing studies in Analytical Environmental Chemistry with a focus on the atmospheric chemistry of reactive nitrogen.

analytical method and instrument development for the quantitation of reactive nitrogen in the indoor environment

The VandenBoer Group is currently searching for several graduate students interested in the development of new analytical methodologies and instrumentation for quantifying reactive nitrogen towards understanding the chemistry of the indoor environment. There are three major questions being pursued with funding provided by the Alfred P Sloan Foundation Chemistry of the Indoor Environment program:

  1. Can ammonia and amines be collected quantitatively in indoor environments by passive sampling and yield easily detected reaction products at levels in the range expected in indoor environments?
  2. Can a passive sampling method for nitrous acid (HONO) be developed that is selective and yields an easily detected reaction product free of interferences?
  3. Can the total reactive nitrogen (Nr) in indoor environments be quantified and fractionated – including gas and particulate Nr, HONO, reduced nitrogen (i.e. NH3 + NR3) and acidic nitrogen pools - with a simple and affordable real-time analytical platform that can be used for large surveys?

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis, preferably with some course-based exposure to Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry. Additional assets of interested applicants include experience in Experimental Physics, Electrical or Software Engineering, or Mathematics. Contact Dr. VandenBoer at with your CV, academic transcripts, and contact information for three (3) professional references.